Membership and ML registration

Membership (updated 2012/03/15)

Those wishing to become members of the association must submit their application after confirming the Policy of the Japanese Association for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis. The application process includes: 1) payment of membership fees to the association’s bank account, and 2) sending information needed for the member list to the association office by e-mail. The association will contact you upon successful submission.

For student members:

As of December 11, 2004, only full-time students (including research students) are eligible for the membership as a student. You must notify your status to the office every year.

Payment of Membership Fees

Please pay the annual membership fee (covering April/March of the following year) according to the membership fee guidelines.

Application Information

After you have paid the membership fee, please send us () the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Mailing Address and Postal code
  3. Affiliation
  4. Regular members/Student members
  5. E-mail Address
  6. The day and the amount of the payment
  7. Academic associations you belong to (optional)
  8. Fields of interest (optional)
  9. A brief self-introduction (optional)

After completing all of these steps you will be registered in both the non-member and the member ML. Please be aware that the information marked with an asterisk ( *) will be available in the EMCAML roster accessible to all ML subscribers.

Mailing List Registration

1.Please email us at with the following information:

Please add me to the Open EMCA ML
Please add my email address [YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS] to the Open EMCA ML. I approve the following information to be registered in your mailing list.
1) Member / Non-member
2) Name
3) Affiliation
4) Academic associations you belong to (optional)
5) Fields of interest (optional)
6) A brief self-introduction (optional)

2.You will receive a confirmation e-mail after registration.

Open EMCA ML Operational Policy

  • 1 In order to promote EMCA activities, we offer a place where information can be shared and exchanged across members and non-members.
  • 1-1 Both members as well as non-members are freely able to participate in the mailing list.
  • 1-2 The association checks and manages the mailing list in order to maintain its integrity.