Japanese Association for EMCA

emca.jp is an official website run by Japanese Association for EMCA. Updated information on our conferences and research meetings, membership, past events, and so on are available.

Introduction to the Japanese Association for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

About Us

The Japanese Association for EMCA is mainly run by a group of organizers chosen through elections, with their main activities comprising of a conference held in fall and a research meeting in spring.

The Association History

The Japanese Association for EMCA was founded in 1993.

As of 2018, the Association had about 250 members. To view the main activities of the group, please refer to “Current Activities” and “Past Activities”.

Current organizers (as of October, 2017)

Communications Director Satomi Kuroshima (Tamagawa University)
Treasurer Daigoro Ebita (Nigata Seiryo University)
Planning Manager Shintaro Matsunaga (Nagano University)
Public Relations Manager Takeshi Hiramoto (Kyoto Prefecutual University), Tomone Komiya (Tohoku Gakuin University)
Conference Managers Ayami Jo (Ritsumeikan University), Daisuke Yokomori (Kyoto University), Hiroki Maeda (Rikkyo University), Yuki Yoshikawa (Rikkyo University)
Auditor Yasusuke Minami (Seijo University)

EMCA Mailing List

The Japanese Association for EMCA operates a mailing list for members and non-members to share and exchange information. Anyone interested in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis may register without charge. Before registering, please review and accept the Open EMCA ML operational policy.


The annual conference is held in fall and the regular research meeting in spring.

  • Next Conference (Details will be announced)
  • Past Conferences and Regular Research Meetings

The following are previous meetings including the annual conferences held in fall and regular research meetings in spring. All the links are Japanese only.

  • 2015:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2014:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2013:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2012:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2011:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2010:Annual Conference/Regular kResearch Meeting
  • 2009:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2008:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2007:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2006:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2005:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2004:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting
  • 2003:Annual Conference/Regular Research Meeting

About EMCA and Links

  • What is EMCA?
  • Information for those who want to learn more

EMCA Bibliography (Updated 2012-06-12) (All the links are Japanese only except those of English bibliography)

  • Websites with Bibliographies
  • Websites and Resources with Bibliographies of Japanese Materials
  • List of Translated Materials
      • Books translated into Japanese (By Date)
      • Papers translated into Japanese (By Date)
  • Publications of Association Members

EMCA Researchers in Japan (Updated 2015-09-14)

We have created a list of the members who major in emca and belong to educational or research organization.

  1. Name of Teaching Staff (Titles Omitted)
  2. Affiliation
  3. E-mail

EMCA Links (Updated 2012-06-10)

Here are links to the websites of academic associations/conferences relevant to EMCA, EMCA researchers and personal websites of our members.

    • EMCA Researchers in Japan
    • Publications and activities by our members
        • Member publications
        • Member Activities

Academic societies/Associations/Mailing Lists

  • Ethno/CA News
  • American Sociological Association: Section on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
  • Conversation Analysis.Net
  • The CIOS/Comserve electronic conference system
  • Manchester Ethnography Group Seminars